Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fast Food Fiji

McDonalds: "Bula" is the all-purpose Fijian word for Hellohowareya, what's up and good day. As for the Keepin' Fiji Clean, I'd make the small footnote that most of the garbage I saw in Suva (there wasn't too much, actually) was food packaging...from KFC.

Should fast food not be to your liking, maybe a recipe from the Fijian National Museum will better suit you:

Human Flesh BBQ
Wrap flesh in the leaves of the Bordina or SouBokola (Solanum Uporo) plant. Make a sauce from its tomato-like fruit (see picture). Serve with Malawaci (anthropohagrum, which yes, is derived from the Latin for "eat with man") as a veggie side.