Friday, November 30, 2007

Ray Bradley at Market

I met Ray Bradley a while ago, but met him properly this year while working the 97th and Amsterdam Market on the Upper West Side. A wonderful farmer and excellent human being, one of the best parts about Ray besides his delicious veggies is his sense of humor, which he pulls out every now and then without any warning whatsoever. It probably helps that he works next to Pam, of Ronnybrook Dairy fame, and the two of them can banter raunchily back and forth all morning long. He has a great album of beautiful photos of his farm on hand if you'd like to see it, and yummy honey. You can visit him at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn on Saturdays. For the wintertime, he's selling marvelous dried spices with his compadre in crime, Mr. H. Maharawal, my friend's father. They're the two most spectacularly bearded men in NYC. Meet them, greet them.