Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Porky and his Pigs

Today I was fortunate enough to visit a small-scale, three-generation family farm. I got to hang out with an inordinate amount of pigs. They don't lie: pigs STINK. It's a smell that stays with you all day. Porky, my appropriately nicknamed host, was gracious and knowledgable, and not shy in his advocacy for omnivorism. He showed me how he milks his herd of goats, and his son Ryan showed me how he milks his cows. I milked one each, which was a first!

The chef event of the day was a pig slaughter. It was a terrifically difficult but facinating experience to watch. However, I feel it's inappropriate to document it on this site. I'm setting up a separate page with photos and information, and will post the address shortly. I encourage everyone who feels up to it to take a look. Again, it is NOT at all for the faint of heart.